Want to know what’s inside the trainers’ gym bags? Well, we’re giving you the scoop! We asked Tramell what his key items were for a good workout.

First and foremost, Addidas Boosts. Today’s tennis shoe colors are orange and blue for his alma mater, the Univerisity of Illinois. On any given day that could change, as he has shoes for every color and occasion. But the Boosts are a favorite for training.

He never forgets his earbuds. His go-to gym mix or old school trap music. Podcasts are for running because if he listens to music he always finds himself trying to run to the tempo and it messes with his rhythm.

Next, you will find a Superman Protein Shaker and some Protein, probably Optimum Nutrition Whey protein for easy digestion, or possibly Humapro protein.

For recovery, he stands firm on Blackseed Oil gel pills to relieve inflammation as well as B.Pearl Pain Salve.