Nutrition Programs

As the holiday season comes to a close and the new year approaches, our diets sometimes fly a bit off course. Nothing wrong with that; having fun with the family, eating delicious food, and vegging out is to be expected. However, getting back to healthy eating habits and smart food choices is often not high on the priority list after a few weeks of holiday food and celebration. 

Fortunately, it’s now easier than ever to diversify your diet and track your food! There are tons of modified foods, phone applications, and food scales to assist with your needs. Unfortunately, figuring out where to start and what to do is more confusing than ever. Thousands of internet articles claim they have the best new diet or approach. Friends telling you to never eat red meat! Celebrities advertising their new cookbook. The saturation of the food industry has made dieting confusing and difficult because you must filter through an enormous amount of information for simple truths.

The fact is dieting is easy with the right approach! The hard part is finding what approach works for you. In most cases, following a cookie-cutter program is not going to cut it. A personalized program for your goals that accounts for your schedule, tastes, and food limitations will make dieting understandable and progress consistent. 

Moving into the new year, we are starting our nutritional coaching program. Our very own Gabe Wilner has a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology from Kennesaw State University, and Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Exercise Science from the University of Georgia, and a Certified  Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Gabe will be available to you for accountability and guidance. He is currently a Classic Physique Competitor.

The 8-Week Program is a goal-oriented program that lays out each week with a weekly check in. This plan will be a little more aggressive and thought of as more of a long distance relationship with your coach.

The 12-Week Program is similar to the 8-Week program, but a little more wiggle room than the aggressive approach. This will still be laid out by week and include one check-in per week with your coach.

The Ongoing Custom Program is much more tailored. This program is great if you are looking to learn more about how your body responds as time progresses.  As opposed to a long distance relationship, this is more of a hand-holding program, where Gabe is available day-to-day for accountability, encouragement, and customization to your needs.

Contact us today to see which program best suits your needs. Let’s start the year off right!