If you’ve ever been to Pinnacle, you know we talk food a lot. Our trainers talk food to help reach health and fitness goals, and sometimes we just talk food because it is delicious. Meals are a staple we build our lives and social lives around. Many memories are made around a table. We’ve had cooking competitions, we give each other restaurant recommendations, and we make a point to order Duck Donuts a little too often. Pinnacle Fitness values good food all around. All of that to say, we have decided to make a collection of everyone’s favorite recipes and create a Pinnacle Fitness Cookbook! 

With the holidays approaching and everyone is dusting off family recipes and we hope you will share a few with us! Once collected, Kristen will compile and edit them all into a cookbook that will then be available via PDF or print.  If you would like to participate, please bring in a copy of your favorite recipe(s) to Pinnacle, send them via the form on the link below, or email them to pinnaclefitness8@gmail.com.

We aim to have this completed by Christmas!