If you’re like me and you love to hit the pavement for runs or walks I caution you to pay attention to your shoes…
Over the years, I have seen thousands of people, including friends and family members, struggling with some type of ailment. That ailment may be as small as a stubbed toe or as serious as surviving a heart attack and everything between. What shocked me the most was the number of people that come in wearing sneakers they’ve had for three-plus years. I have seen sneakers that were so smooth and worn out on the treads that they looked like flat race car tires. I’ve seen soles so worn down they were walking crooked.
Like any sport or home project, your equipment is essential to your success. If you are running or walking you should expect to have to replace your shoes every 4 to 6 months. Even if you are only wearing the shoes to the gym, the material within the soul of the shoe breaks down in time. The breakdown of the cushion can wreak havoc on your body. Starting with your feet, knees, over the years working its way up to your hips, shoulder blades, and neck. Clients have healed from shin splints, planters fasciitis, and chronic neck pain, just by upgrading their sneakers. Even if the shoe doesn’t look bad, if it’s a few years old you’re better off replacing it.
If you’re replacing a running shoe, I love the Hoka’s. They’re not the most attractive shoes but they are amazing for running! If you’re looking for a regular gym shoe or walking shoe I’ve become a fan of Adidas. I still like Nike so don’t be afraid to check some of those out- but Adidas has become my go-to.
What have been your favorite shoes for training? Do you favor different brands for gym vs outdoors? We’d love to hear from you!