Danielle Holt is an ACE-certified personal trainer. Always an active person, she has been an active person from childhood was playing some kind of sport in school or in her parents’ back yard. When she got married, fitness and health were put on the back burner until one day she realized she needed to get in control of her health again. At that moment, fitness changed her life and became more than just a hobby, but a passion to help others take back their health! 

In that time Danielle has been a part of many competitions ranging from CrossFit to powerlifting. The moment she became certified, she got to work helping people love themselves again. She has helped clients gain muscle, fight injury, and lose the weight they gained over the pandemic. she is also currently working towards her Precision Nutrition Coaching certification. 

Danielle and her husband were married in November of 2014 and have two cats who are absolutely spoiled rotten. Originally from Greenville, South Carolina, they lived in New Orleans for 2 years. They moved to Atlanta in January of 2020 and are proud to call Atlanta home.